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  • Classic Great Britain stamps for sale

Welcome! You have found Sturminster Stamps' 'Budget Classics' Shopping Cart...
This is a Website dedicated to good-to-fine used Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1840-to-1951 at sensible prices - typically around 10% of catalogue value. We hope that you will enjoy your visit to this site, and will find that our offerings are not only full of interest (see below for this month's new offerings!), but also represent excellent value for money...

THE CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY: We wish to reassure our customers that we are complying with all Government instructions regarding personal hygiene, and social distancing, during the course of the current emergency.  In the meantime, we are taking advantage of our relative 'isolation' to load lots of new material - so if in doubt, KEEP SAFE AND BUY ONLINE!

LOCKDOWN 3! Here we go again! OK, only one way to go - Post Office visits once a week only, on Thursday or Friday. That's for our safety as we are 'over 70s vulnerable'. That may last until mid-February - or longer if BoJo has over-promised again.... Keep safe, people, as we plan to do - but bear with if we're not as quick as usual - oh, and by the way, the post is all over the place as well! In the meantime, we'll spend our time at home constructively, and load as much new delicious material as we can fit in to our busy know, essential shopping (gin, tonic, etc etc), exercise (half-an-hour's perambulation around the garden - about 8 circuits), and work - commute across the hall!

PAYMENT METHODS:  I have now made alternative direct methods of payment available to customers. When you arrive at 'Payment Methods', the first two options involve Paypal. The third option enables you to pay by Credit/Debit Card via the Stripe facility, and the fourth option is for customers who wish to pay by direct BACS Transfer. I hope this helps!

NEW FOR FEBRUARY: A LOVELY mixed batch of 'allsorts': some attractive new 1d Blacks, a mixture of 1841 imperf and later perforated 2d Blues, a mix of 1d Reds from early Maltese Cross Plates to later Perf Stars, and a useful 1s Pale Green Embossed... Also a fine batch of 35+ NEW COVERS, from early imperfs with 1844 numeral cancels, to later 1d 'Stars' C1-C6 - find them on the 'POSTAL HISTORY' pages... ENJOY!

RECENT ADDITIONS: Nearly 50 new 1844-cancelled imperfs from Plate 48 to Plate 69, all FINE USED, and including a couple of pairs, some shades, and nice varieties...keep an eye out for more additions!

NOTE: Current work to raise the general standard of material to FU or above continues, except for the scarcest items, where spacefillers or reasonable GU may be acceptable.

For more of these wonderful classic issues, please visit our companion Premium website

If you do not yet see what you want, bear with me - we continue to add new material on a regular basis, so please come back to check again...

Martin Jenkinson
February 2021