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1841 2d Blues

GB QV: 13 March 1841: The Second Issue of Postage Stamps.
The 2d value with white lines added. Two new plates, Plates 3 and 4, were prepared for this issue, Plate 3 being put to press on 27 February 1841, and Plate 4 not until early December 1849. The Maltese Cross cancellation appears almost exclusively on Plate 3, being very rare on Plate 4, and the 1844 barred numeral cancellations are more common on both plates. Guide-lines, both horizontal and vertical, are frequent on Plate 3, and absent on Plate 4. Certain check-letters are distinctive to only one plate (e.g. the square-footed 'J' of Plate 3), and are useful in distinguishing the two plates. It has also been noted that the deeper shades are more often seen on early printings, and the paler shades on later printings. Pale Blue is not often seen cancelled with Maltese Cross, and Deep Full Blue is rather scarce on Plate 4.
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