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Home > 1d Reds > 1854-63 1d Red 'Stars' > Die II, Alph II,III&IV, SG29-42 (Spec C7-C13) > Blued Paper (SG29-33, Spec C7-C8)

Blued Paper (SG29-33, Spec C7-C8)

GB QV: 1855-57 Alphabet III Issues on Blued Paper.
In August 1855 there was a brief use of residual Small Crown watermarked paper with the new Die II Alphabet III plates (SG Spec C7 - plates known are 22-27, and possibly also 30 and 31): these are abnormal, and are rare to very rare, although we usually have some in stock on our sister site, Otherwise the Alphabet III issues are watermarked Large Crown, and in the case of SG29-33 (C8 shades) are perforation 14. Plates used were 22 to 38, 40, and 42-48 (48 is rare). Contrary to the SG Specialised note, Plates 52 and 53 are not known on blued paper.
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