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Home > 1d Reds > 1854-63 1d Red 'Stars' > Die I, Alph II, SG17-18,22 (Spec C1/C2)

Die I, Alph II, SG17-18,22 (Spec C1/C2)

GB QV: February 1854: The Introduction of Perforations.
Early experiments in perforation by Henry Archer during 1850 eventually resulted in the Government buying Archer's patents in June 1853. There are usually examples of these rare experimentally perforated stamps on our Premium Website. Officially perforated stamps were finally issued in February 1854, initially using Alphabet II plates earlier used imperforate (155, 157, and 162-177), and subsequently Plates 178-204, and Reserve Plates R1-R6. 
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