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Home > 1d Reds > 1854-63 1d Red 'Stars' > Die II Alph II, SG24,21,26,- (Spec C3-C6)

Die II Alph II, SG24,21,26,- (Spec C3-C6)

GB QV: February 1855: The Introduction of Die II.
Messrs Perkins Bacon, the printers of the Line-engraved postage stamps of Great Britain, requested that a deeper-cut die be employed for these issues. The original die was re-engraved by retouching, creating a significantly stronger impression. Alphabet II check-letters were used on these new plates (1 to 21), but four different combinations of perforation (16 and 14) and watermark (Small Crown and Large Crown) were used, of which Large Crown, Perf 16 (SG26, Spec C5) is by far the scarcest. Plates 1-21 were used for SG24 ( Spec C3) and SG Spec C6, but Plates 1-15 only for SG21 (Spec C4) and SG26 (Spec C5).
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