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Home > 1d Reds > 1854-63 1d Red 'Stars' > Die II, Alph II,III&IV, SG29-42 (Spec C7-C13)

Die II, Alph II,III&IV, SG29-42 (Spec C7-C13)

GB QV: August 1855: The Introduction of Alphabet III.
The check-letters of Alphabet III are generally taller and more slender than the chunky letters of the previous Alphabet II, and were used on all but four plates from Plate 22 to R17. The exceptions are Plates 50 and 51, which were used briefly in 1861 with experimentally hand-engraved check-letters (Alphabet IV), and a brief use in 1862 of two Reserve Plates (R15 and R16) which had Alphabet II check-letters.
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