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Numeral Cancels

In mid-1844 the Post Office replaced the Maltese Cross cancellation with Numeral Obliterators, designating areas within London, or provincial post towns. Some overlap of use of the later Maltese Cross plates (up to Plate 45) with barred numeral cancels occurred during the change-over. Plates after 45 used with Maltese Cross are scarce. For regional obliterators, England used barred ovals, Scotland barred rectangles, and Ireland barred diamonds. London Inland offices used numbers within a small diamond in the barred oval, and London District offices numbers in a circle. Alphabet I check-letters continued in use up to Plate 131.
Note: the letters 'CV' after a title indicate not only minor 'Constant Varieties', but also more significant varieties, such as Re-entries, Basal Shifts, Upper Border Shifts, Double Letters, Guide-lines and Guide-dots etc. The actual nature of the variety will be found by accessing the full details of each item.
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