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Home > 1d Reds > 1854-63 1d Red 'Stars' > Die II, Alph II,III&IV, SG29-42 (Spec C7-C13) > Rose-red/White Paper Issues (SG36,40-42, Spec C10-C13)

Rose-red/White Paper Issues (SG36,40-42, Spec C10-C13)

GB QV: September 1857: Rose-red Issues on White Paper
Towards the end of the temporary period of production at Savoy Street, Rose-red shades began to appear. Production returned to Fleet Street in late July, and by September the true Rose-red shades were firmly established.
Notes: 1. Shades listed in the Concise Catalogue as SG38 and 39, and which appear in the Specialised Catalogue as C10(2) Pale Red and C10(3) Pale Rose are listed here erroneously, and belong only in the Transitional section under C9. Similarly C10(1) Bright Rose-red is a pre-fire shade, and should also be listed under C9 - as Bright Red, there being no 'Rose' in the shade.
2. The only shades that legitimately belong under C10 therefore are C10(4) Deep Rose-red (SG41), C10(5) Rose-red (SG40), and C10(6) Pale Rose-pink, which first appeared in 1861 rather than 1863 as the catalogue indicates. Other late printings often appear in an unlisted Pale Rose-red shade, comparable with C12(2) and (4). and C13(2) and (4), which should not be confused with the much scarcer true Pale Rose-pink C10(6), which has a much stronger pink tint.
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