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I operate strict and uncompromising standards as to condition - though I have been known on occasion to miss minor faults! I will endeavour to specify any faults found, major or minor.
I may downgrade an apparently 'fine used' stamp to just 'good used' or 'good used+' (see abbreviations below) simply because of a heavy cancellation or poor centering. An assessment of condition is often at least partly subjective - as always, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'! Your pleasure and satisfaction is my aim, and the last thing I want is a disappointed customer. Far too much rubbish described as 'Fine' or 'Very Fine' is offered for sale these days, and I refuse to be part of such a practice, which to me as a retired policeman amounts to fraud! To the best of my ability, condition will always be as described - life's too short to drink bad wine!


All items are offered subject unsold. E&OE.

Abbreviations used on this site:
UMM: Unmounted Mint  (equals the American term MNH = Mint Never Hinged)
LMM: Lightly Mounted Mint (gum disturbance but no hinge remnant)
MM: Mounted Mint (with hinge or other paper remnant)
UN: Unused, without gum

FU: Fine Used
GU: Good Used

FDC: First Day Cover (or Envelope)

Compass Points
N S E W = North, South, East and West in relation to the sides or corners of the stamp (used to designate the position of features or faults)