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Home > 1d Reds > 1854-63 1d Red 'Stars' > Die II, Alph II,III&IV, SG29-42 (Spec C7-C13) > Transitionals on Unblued Paper (C8A,C9)

Transitionals on Unblued Paper (C8A,C9)

GB QV: November 1856, and March-July 1857: The 'Transitional' Period
It is now believed that examples in Red-brown on white paper (SG37, SG Spec C8A) occurring occasionally from late 1856 and into early 1857 are entirely accidental, and not the result of any attempt by the authorities to remove the blueing of the paper. The ultimate removal of blueing in early 1857 was the result of a change in the ingredients of the ink, which produced the first C9 shades. This occurred shortly before a major fire in the Fleet Street printing works. Subsequently the shortage of ingredients as a result of the fire, and a move to temporary premises in Savoy Street, gave rise to a further marked change in the shades of the issued stamps. For more information, and an extensive stock of these fascinating issues, including many rarities, go to our Premium Website
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